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In honor of the weekend festivities, costume parties and jaunts through neighborhoods with your children – there are some movies we should revisit from film’s past that were just plain good films for this occasion. So it seemed only appropriate for all you horror aficionados out there to take a moment to remember some of the great vampire films that you might want to revisit to kick off this traditionally horrific holiday. Please note, this list is not by any means exhaustive, but we have done our best not to include anything that glistens in the sun.

It’s film festival season. If you’re an independent filmmaker, you’re either creating content for the specific purpose of screening at a festival or you’re seriously considering it. A few weeks ago, I submitted a short to Sundance. I consider it a part of the futile ritual of throwing my money into a big black hole in hopes that the hole leads to Wonderland. I suppose I should just consider it my annual donation to the Robert Redford Endowment to a Better Life Fund. But that is the ritual that we as independent filmmakers go through. So, a couple of weeks ago, I submitted a web series to the Anaheim International Film Festival. I never expected to get in.

Rob Halford is a metal icon with very few peers. If you’ve been in the music scene for even half of the time that he has been around, I think you not only earn the title Metal God, but you get to display that title without much argument from fan or foe. And although Rob Halford’s career has not been without its bumps in the roads – issues about his sexuality, the severity of his lyrical influence on impressionable youth or even his departure (and ultimately his return) from Judas Priest – it has been a storied career to say the least.

Korn is one of those bands that you either love or hate. But whether or you love or hate them one of things that cannot be argued is their longevity – Seventeen years later the boys from Bakersfield are still churning out the records and relentlessly fine tuning the music the makes them tick. If you’re a Korn fan it’s been a long journey not without its share of controversy.