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Sometimes music just takes you to places that you would never otherwise go.  Places like Paupers Field.   It only took one listen to also decide that Dylan LeBlanc’s story telling is masterful.  I don’t say it often.  But there is something special about this album and I suspect there’s something special about this kid too. 

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Mention the term femme metal and it conjures up images of bands fronting beautiful singers such as Amy Lee of Evanescence, Carly Smithson of We Are The Fallen, Cristina Sacabbia of Lacuna Coil and maybe even Anette Olzon of Nightwish. But femme metal hardly does the genre justice and is probably just used for a lack of a better term. After all, femme metal didn’t start with Evanescence and it certainly isn’t going to end with them either. What makes these bands isn’t just that they are fronted by capable lead singers with sex appeal. What makes these bands is that, for the most part, they churn out great music in an industry that is dominated by men. Maybe this is why the surprise find, for me, was the band In This Moment.

Some may say that Forgiveness Rock Record is less cohesive than your previous offerings, but I would disagree. The songs may not bleed into each other like before, but they play off of each other well. There’s almost a Beatlesesque thing going on with each track answering the last.