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It’s hard to describe festivals outside of the normal parameters of setup and slate. The DNA resembles one part carnival, one part concert and one part spectacle. On the surface, the analysis of the Mayhem Festival is no different. In short it’s a lot of bands, lots of merchandise, lots flying motorcycles and a veritable dustbowl of pits created by fans taking in the pulse of the ten hour feast of metal mania. The only way to understand it isn’t just to experience it. The only way to understand it is to live it.

Korn is one of those bands that you either love or hate. But whether or you love or hate them one of things that cannot be argued is their longevity – Seventeen years later the boys from Bakersfield are still churning out the records and relentlessly fine tuning the music the makes them tick. If you’re a Korn fan it’s been a long journey not without its share of controversy.