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Civil Twilight is one of those bands that lives in subtlety and is best experienced with headphones on and maybe even with the lights off.  It’s interesting that they would also take their name from that condition of the same name.  Civil Twilight is defined as that time that begins in the morning and ends in the evening

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Let me start out by saying that even though I’m already very familiar with Anberlin and their music, I was a little surprised by the turnout for the KROQ sponsored event at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA this past weekend. So much so that by 7pm, I was already posting, “Definitely didn’t realize how big this band was” and “Who are all these kids?” on FaceBook. In any case, by the time I walked through the door, the venue was a little over capacity downstairs with no chance to move around. The last time I was at the House of Blues for a show with an audience this large was when Avenged Sevenfold played there, but that was a while ago and this audience was actually larger. The question for me was, “Would this show actually be better?