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It’s hard to imagine that the idea of suffering as a necessary part of life.  After all, we live in a country that finds difficulty fitting suffering in between the idea that we’re all entitled to a white picket fence and a two week paid vacation every year.  But as I reflect on this idea

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Closing in on Anberlin’s fifth release Dark is the Way, Light is a Place pegging Anberlin is a bit of a challenge. On the one hand they are the embodiment of what hard work and dedication can do for a band that humbly began their career on Tooth & Nail. After all, Tooth & Nail is just a small independent label known more for signing talented bands but not necessarily for fostering these bands to the next level. And while they garnered a fair amount of acclaim and fans through grass roots marketing, Anberlin’s popularity continues to grow. Now with Universal Republic, they face new challenges and higher expectations that naturally follow them after the big success of New Surrender that also included the number one single, “Feel Good Drag.”