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We all remember the first time we met that one person that flipped our world on its side and caused us to question everything we thought we knew about love. It’s weird, but it’s one of those things that happen so infrequently that we can’t help but remember not just the time and place, but also what they were wearing and…you get the picture. It’s vivid and it’s an “everything” moment really. Most of the time, it doesn’t last and what we’re left with is a bitter sweet memory of a person that changed us for better or for worse into the person that we are today. Some people take that experience and learn from it. And some just find someone else that looks just like the old girlfriend or boyfriend in hopes that they can resurrect that magic that died all too suddenly. That was my first impression upon hearing that Ben Moody was getting together with some of the other former Evanescence band mates to create a new album under the We Are the Fallen moniker. And that was the problem wasn’t it? I had heard all of the rumors first before hearing Tear the World Down. So maybe I was assuming too much. Maybe I was.