Here are some pictures from Slash’s Black Carpet event “SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS” at the Roxy in celebration for Guitar Center’s 50th Anniversary.  The show featured songs spanning Slash’s storied career including material from his new album, WORLD ON FIRE as well as Guns’N’Roses material. The show was filmed and will be

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It’s been seven years since the Dutch band Within Temptation last toured the United States. (Yes, they played a select few venues, but only a few in 2011.)  That’s a long time. The landscape appears very different than it used to, even for those of us seasoned enough to remember the Bush era for example.

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Another 9/11 is upon us and here we are again, forced to reflect on what it meant to us and what it continues to mean for the future of this country. When someone mentions 9/11, it always means 9/11/01, a day cemented in time; a day that has lost all meaning outside of the events that occurred nine years ago and will probably always remain that way. We were a band of brothers on that day – I had never seen such unity as was displayed by the New Yorkers, and the rest of America followed suit. It is a day to remember, a day to reflect, a day to honor those fallen and those that became heroes on that Tuesday morning.