In the summer of 2003, Erick Bieger shared a vision with a few of his friends - a vision for a men's webzine that eschewed the trappings of fluff and skin and embraced a raw view of the issues and concerns that guys face here at the turn of the century. This vision became Circle Six Magazine. A C6M message board community launched one year later and quickly became a place for guys all over the world to get together and discuss all the aspects of life in a safe and uncompromising environment. It became a pillar of the C6M community to start the conversations that other sites wouldn't. In February 2005, Circle Six Magazine launched. The magazine's brand of "maverick journalism" mixed with some intimate, high profile conversations with today's best musical artists (Wilco, Our Lady Peace, Switchfoot, etc...) quickly set it apart as being one of a kind. October 2009 saw the relaunch of Circle Six Magazine and showed off a new cutting edge look for the magazine, an even stronger cadre of article updates, and a new commitment to being the voice of a generation lost amidst the noise of vapidity and apathy. Not wanting to rest on its laurels, C6M shed its baby shoes for some full fledged ass-kicking boots and won't look back. The tagline still says it all: Circle Six Magazine - All Things To All Men