Erasure: Live at the Fox Theater

It’s strange to think that Erasure has been around and making music for nearly thirty years. One wonders if Vince Clarke and Andy Bell could have ever foreseen the kind of longevity and worldwide success that Erasure has enjoyed. That’s nearly three decades of perpetually existing in the top 20 of most US and UK charts. That’s something when you consider that Vince Clarke also can boast about being a founding member of Depeche Mode. Enter “Violet Flames,” Erasure’s sixteenth studio album. The new album is signature Erasure, boasting the same upbeat electronic music that fans have come to expect and love. We had the opportunity to catch Erasure's last show in North America at Oakland’s Fox Theater before they headed back to Europe. It was a show that was every bit as good one would expect from the seasoned duo. Andy Bell is still a charismatic and flamboyant showman who knows how to entertain an audience. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t surprised that he could still sing. His voice is as amazing as Clarke’s precision as the maestro. As entertaining as Bell is, Vince Clarke seems content to drive the show from his side of the stage. It’s a formula that still works as Andy Bell works the crowd into a frenzy of dance fever. Their set is as much of a trip down memory lane as it is proof that the duo is not content to leave well enough alone peppering the set with songs from the new album to keep things interesting. What did we think? It’s hard to imagine a world without them. As it stands, neither Bell nor Clarke show any signs that they are done making music. If the new album is any indication of what is yet to come for Erasure, you can be sure that we haven’t seen the last of them. As the show ended, Andy Bell was quick to point out that while the North American tour has ended there are still two more chances to seem them just before the New Year in New York. So if you’re a fan, be sure you do. By Paul Stamat
Set List Oh L’Amour Star Reason Breath of Life You Surround Me Elevation I Lose Myself Drama Victim of Love Ship of Fools Sacred Breathe Dead of Night Blue Savannah Chorus Love To Hate You A Little Respect Chains of Love Always Sometimes