The Weekly Six WTF Edition – 10/22/10

We have a special Six today, thanks to an influx of the truly bizarre, even more so than during the span of a normal week. So sit back, pour yourself a glass of guava juice, and enjoy The Weekly Six: WTF Edition.



Apparently, the completely sane Kanye West had his bottom row of front teeth pulled out and replaced with diamond chompers. He claims it's no big deal as he cleans all his diamonds "with toothpaste anyway." For his next trick, Kanye plans to replace his eyeballs with rubys that shoot laser beams and, though considered by many to be impossible, sing without the aid of autotune.


Better Than Octo-Pie

Korean Octopuses (Ed note: Yes, that spelling is acceptable..I looked it up) are breathing a sigh of relief as authorities in Seoul have announced that Koreans should eat no more than two octopus heads a day as said heads, which are eaten as an aphrodisiac, contain hazardous amounts of cadmium, a carcinogen.  Whales are still ticked as their anuses continue to be eaten without prejudice.


Chris Hanson Has Nothing On This Dad

William Atwood Sr. is facing trial for assaulting  Justin Moore (24). Atwood threatened the young man with a shotgun, forced him to undress, tied him up, used a stun gun on him and threatened to bury him in the desert after discovering that Moore had sent some pictures of his genitals to Atwood's 17 year old daughter. Deputies arrived to find Moore still tied up and cowering on the ground in his boxers. Moore said the deputies had laughed at the sight of him outside Atwood's home. Not really seeing what the dad did wrong here...


Crouching Tiger Was A Documentary

Further evidence has surfaced to prove my theory that all Asians are ninjas and can fly. See the video below to find out what happens when a motorcycle slams into a moving vehicle at high speed and the wicked skillz ninja driver goes flying:


Officer Bubbles

Toronto Constable Adam Josephs has gained considerable notoriety after being caught on tape threatening to arrest a G20 protester for blowing bubbles at him back in June. The video of the ensuing bubble assault has since gone viral and Josephs  is now suing YouTube for defamation. Damn you, bubbles!


Now It's Your Turn!

The miners in Chile have all been saved. Could you have done the same? Wonder no more! Now you can take the reins of the rescue effort in an all new Flash game based on the ordeal. Try your hand here.


Until next week - C6M


One comment on “The Weekly Six WTF Edition – 10/22/10
  1. Paul - October 22, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Man, the motorcycle one. That guy died. He just didn’t know he died.