The Weekly Six – 10/15/10

A quick hit on this week's hottest topics: The Weekly Six. If you missed out on what’s been going on this week, tune in to read about the hottest topics on the net - or at least the hottest topics to us. This is your chance to feel free to agree or disagree. And without further ado, in no particular order, behold the six! _____________________________________________________________________

Chilean Miners

The whole world seemed to be watching while 33 miners were recently rescued from a site in the Atacama desert.  So far the miners are not talking about their ordeal.  Sources close to the miners have revealed it’s because they haven’t discussed “what they can tell the media.”  Now I’m not one to let my imagination run wild, but its 33 guys stuck in a dark mine.  They’re probably still trying to figure out who farted. _____________________________________________________________________

30 Rock Goes Live

Anyone happen to catch the show last night?  What did you think?  Lots of the comparisons thus far to it being like SNL.  For me that’s not necessarily a good thing as I have thought that SNL should have been cancelled after the 90’s concluded.  And even then that’s ten years too late. _____________________________________________________________________

Top Gun 2 Gets The Green Light

In an effort to resurrect the downward spiral that is Tom Cruise’s career, Paramount has green lit “Top Gun 2.”  The only way that I would consider paying to see this is if they were to somehow combine Top Gun with Cocktail into one sequel in which Maverick, a retired fighter pilot, now serves drinks at the bar run by Ice Man - and Ice Man does that teeth thing at Maverick in that "Hey Mav, your ass is mine" kind of way.  Take your breath away?  I certainly can’t breathe either.  Maybe it’s the stink. _____________________________________________________________________

Skype 5.0 with FaceBook

Hey I’m all for technological leaps that are all trying to integrate themselves with FaceBook, but this one doesn’t sit well with me.  Can you imagine logging on to Facebook and having a video chat immediately open from your Grandpa who wants to know why you’re not helping him with his farm in Farmville?  Maybe it’s me, but the world seems to be shrinking to the point where the next I shudder to think what the next product that will integrate with FaceBook will be.  FaceBook Enemas anyone? _____________________________________________________________________

Transgender Sues LPGA

There are a lot of things that can be said about someone that goes through the process of changing their gender.  It’s everything from brave to crazy depending upon who you ask.  But apparently a transgendered woman is suing because she’s been barred from competing in a long drive tournament that has decided to mirror its rules with the LPGA that specifically state that in order to compete one must be born a woman.  So tell us your thoughts, interweb – is being born a man giving this person an unfair athletic advantage for this tournament? _____________________________________________________________________

Run!  Balloons Are Coming!

Recently several UFO's were seen in the New York sky.  I saw that episode of The Twilight Zone.  It's proof that Aliens only keep us humans around because we're merely being marinated by ultraviolet rays preparing us to be one  heck of a meal, right? Or could just be balloons.

Until next week - C6M