The Weekly Six – 10/1/10

A quick hit on this week's hottest topics: The Weekly Six. If you missed out on what’s been going on this week, tune in to read about the hottest topics on the net - or at least the hottest topics to us. This is your chance to feel free to agree or disagree. And without further ado, in no particular order, behold the six! _____________________________________________________________________

RIP Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis appeared in more than 100 films including films such as "Some Like It Hot" and "The Defiant Ones."  Say what you want, the man lived a full life.  He was nominated for an Academy Award, helped break ground for racial equality in films AND he dated Marilyn Monroe.  You will be missed Mr. Curtis. _____________________________________________________________________

No Taliban for You!

Here's one for you Medal of Honor fans.  Medal of Honor is rebooting itself and new scenarios of modern warfare will be much more representative of current wars being fought.  Unfortunately for those of you that would like to join the Taliban (in the game) - you can't.  This is weird because previous versions have no problem letting you be a Nazi. Apparently it's way less offensive to fight for ideals that lead to concentration camps. _____________________________________________________________________

Yellow Jersey Has Urine Stain

Tour De France Champion Alberto Contador failed a drug test, apparently traces of an asthma medication were found in his "A sample" leading to more questions on whether or not the tour should reconsider testing champions at all.  Obviously it's a problem that have given the sport a yellow stain on its already soiled reputation.  Where's my inhaler? _____________________________________________________________________

U.S. Gave Syphilis And Gonorrhea To Guatemala

It's been sixty years, but the United States government has acknowledged that it allowed sexually transmitted diseases to be spread to the mentally ill population in Guatemala.  The forties were not a good time to be alive.  Electronic Arts, however, will be making a live action video game of this scenario and including it as an expansion pack in its Medal of Honor series on the multi player option, so at least there's that.  Now pass the Guatamol...I mean Guacamole. _____________________________________________________________________

Mouse in a Loaf of Bread

This one sounded gross, and yes we'll spare you the pictures that you can find courtesy of the BBC - if you really have to see it.  But what I found intriguing was that the loaf of bread was purchased online and reminded me that it's probably not a good idea to order food on the internet.  I'm just saying, if I've learned anything from the days I was searching for mail order brides from Russia.  Sometimes what you see in the thumbnail isn't necessarily what you're going to get. _____________________________________________________________________

Life On Other Planets?

Apparently an amateur astronomer in California discovered a planet over twenty light years away that could possibly support life.  We all know what we at C6M think of such claims that an observer can make looking through a telescope on a small planet that can't fix it's own economic woes but can discover life on a planet that it takes twenty years for just light to travel to get here.  Absurd?  If you missed our interview with Oderus you have to check out Oderus Urungus on Fox News where he talks about that and other things - gotta love Oderus, he'll always tell you what's on his mind.

Until next week - C6M