The Weekly Six – 7/23/10

A quick hit on this week's hottest topics: The Weekly Six. If you missed out on what's been going on this week, tune in to read about the hottest topics on the net - or at least the hottest topics to us. This is your chance to feel free to agree or disagree. And without further ado, in no particular order, behold the six! _____________________________________________________________________

Comic-Con Is Here

Comic-Con Weekend - Yes, it's true.  Comic-Con is finally here.  It's a time for you and your friends to shed every bit of your dignity and dress up as your favorite Emo Vampire or Star Wars character and walk the exhibit halls with the rest of the CHUDs and Morlocks in search of your next opportunity to take a least a dozen pictures with strangers who can't wait to put that picture of you up on Facebook and Twitter.  Believe it or not, this is the upside.  The downside?  Jesus hates comics.


World's Cheapest Laptop - Costs 35 Dollars To Make.

They held a press conference and everything. Apparently in India they can build a laptop for about thirty-five bucks. There are no details on the type of processor or motherboard that will be on a thirty-five dollar laptop, but early reports say that the processor will be upgradeable to a mouse with an exercise wheel and for five dollars more you can switch out the 2XL for an etch-a-sketch graphics card. _____________________________________________________________________

Scientists Find The Largest Molecules in Deep Space

Okay, track with me on this. It seems that scientists have found the largest known molecules in deep space called Buckyballs around a distant white dwarf star. The size? .3 nanometers in size. That's 1.0 × 10-9 meters. Which translates to really really really small. So are you telling me that we can look through a freaking telescope into deep space and find a molecule...a freaking molecule near a freaking star a million jillion light years away and we can't find some dude hiding in a hole in Afghanistan? The next thing you'll tell me is that an explosion created the universe. Stop laughing Mel or I'm telling Jesus that you read comic books. _____________________________________________________________________

Facebook Reaches 500 Million Users

500 Million. This is a mind blowing number. But not nearly has mind blowing as what that number means. It's the equivalent of the world's third largest country. Let's put it another way...if you're a guy at Comi Con, that's 250 million women who you will never talk to in real life unless you're dressed up like a Hobbit. But look on the bright side, that's also 250 million women that you can probably crank call since Facebook has officially given out their phone numbers to the rest of the world without their permission. Score! I mean, that's terrible. Let's Tweet in protest and hope we get a fail whale! _____________________________________________________________________

Playboy Unveils "Safe For Work" Website

Yes, it's true. Playboy has a website that will not feature one naked woman on it. Instead they will feature "smart and sexy distractions" on their website. Nobody knows what that means. But apparently this is a new trend for Playboy in the new millennium which is also considering moving all of its nudity to the radio.


WTF Moment For The Week

Okay, this is one that comes thanks to Ray William Johnson from =3. We'll let it speak for itself and let you comment.

Until next week - C6M